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What needs to change

SYSTEMS needs to be changed, and PEOPLE need to be changed …we are destroying the only planet we can live on by being and acting thoughtlessly with what we can do and control and beyond...

although is a popular name it may make proponent (me) unpopular, as many prefer to think the problem belongs to somebody else. It doesn’t.

that we are ALL being “dirty” or “uncaring” in many ways is an obviousness we don’t want to see. Individuals do not have the right to make or own slaves… or excessively create children. The needed workforce is decreasing, the food need and waste disposal is increasing, yet the global population pressure is also increasing. It’s not “just over there in the 3rd world” it is the cause of miserable future conditions. Open your eyes.

First of all, we need to find out THE TRUTH about what’s going on, so that we can deal with Truths not mentioned and untruths spoken by “self interest groups” - TV Channels. Politicians, industrialists and other “control freaks”…. Pastors, parents. Preachers and “teachers” of lies who have little idea of science maths or logic … many would prefer to live in the past…. but only as the boss or king

The Top Global Problems NOW are:-

Problem #1 - Global Overpopulation – made possible by over exploitation of Earth's “mine-able” resources at one million times their deposition rate, such “proud” Greed and Selfishness. The other problems are handle-able, if we care. – If the world is to have better caring humans then a system of Birth Permits is as valuable as Driving Permits are to reducing collective danger from unskilled, careless drivers. Such policies do not sit well with most women and some men … who believe they have the right to produce kids “for their own pleasure” not fair on kids … or the rest of us.

Problem #2 - Pollution of Low Earth Orbits - “easy” to ignore we are “walling ourselves in” with hyper-velocity space junk INCLUDING Uranium and Plutonium “power sources” and the massive debris from their collisions, which goes UP into many elliptical orbits, as well as down to re-enter. “Burn up” and pollute varied (unidentified) regions of earth .and will continue to do so for many years or centuries if not “made safe” solutions? See we can still fix this AT THE MOMENT but dependent on nothing large being hit. Whilst it\s “one every few years’ not a few every year /month/day.

Problem #3 - “Global climate change” - often cited as “the” problem. It isn't, it's third. It's mainly due to humans mining and burning “fossil” fuels (at one million times their deposition rate). We need to stop burning carbon. Stop digging it up to burn. Perhaps replace it (as carbon, NOT carbon dioxide and acids) in the ground.. Power can be obtained at lower cost to our future, and in our future. Geothermal has to be done on the right scale, in the right place. Similarly for solar, and again, see also

Problem #4 - Land, Sea and air pollution .most of planet Earth is sea, and most things end up there, with enough rain...the Atacama's dry Desert surface retains plutonium and Uranium airborne debris for a very long time. It should be measured there. It does not cease being active by “burning up in the atmosphere” - its just (a lot more) smaller pieces. What's an “OK” level of sand grain sized lumps on a beach of billions of sand grains? Is 100 OK? … part of problem #2 .. Producing “single use” or shoddy articles of plastic or metal may “just be unsightly” or affect birds and fish...mostly... Do we have a right to do this? - I suggest that almost everything produced should be capable of TRIPLE USE, and STILL be of value to recycle.

Problem #5 - Environmental loss, damage and monopolization

That we humans “take over” all environs from other species impoverishes TheMAND.US – the corporate/national mining rape of land now claims all rights to even the sea bed and below “for commercial reasons” AKA “greed”

Problem #6 - Starving People

Earth has over 7Bn people, but 1Bn of them are undernourished, starving or dying,. And still there are more babies born into this impoverished world – ALL of it, shared unfairly, stolen from others...


(shortened November 2019)