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What Can We Do?

2311-2017 update

WHAT CAN WE DO ? . As an individual, It is important to be aware, and to find out what the real (and complete) story is – Do not rely on your commercial or government TV to tell you any truth they don’t want you to know, BEWARE and BE AWARE.

1) WAKE UP … to each problem, in time enough to fix or run away from the problem (“Fight or Flight”)

2) REALISE there are global problems that we ALL contribute to, and that we must be keen to share in the solutions, deserve, but don’t expect praise

3) UNDERSTAND what the problems are, their importance, and what we can do to rectify or even profit from these

Don’t “pass the buck”

StartByCaring (this author’s Website) – is usually the best place (attitude) to start. The website explains a bit…

If we individually don’t care, then we don’t deserve caring for either, we don’t deserve the friendship or consideration of others if we fail to offer friendship and consideration to others. karma earned that we will have returned on us. There will be food wars. There are already. 2017.

Hungry children will murder their foodmaster’s enemies on command, in order to eat and survive. Including, perhaps mainly, but Not JUST Islamic State foodmasters.

Dealing with Problem #1 - Global Overpopulation – It may not be the most Urgent or most Obvious ptoblem, but it is the most important. Any finite asset divided by a growing infinity is “bugger all” . We have only ONE Planet -it is finite, there are no other worlds to expand into or “empty lands” to throw our unwanted exiles into

The Population Bomb” (according to Wikipaedia), was “an alarmist book” published in 1968

Perhaps an “Early Warning” is a better description

the dire predictions have been largely “delayed” by concerted mechanical wholesale rape of the ocean’s life and the Amazon Rainforest “The world’s lungs”.

The “fall of humankind”, being much later than predicted, will also be likely much more severe than predicted

I apologise that my writings are unpalatable to women, particularly,

Women who are told since birth that it is their task and function to have babies, quite apart from the natural hormones and pheromones emitted and received to drive both genders to sexual acts, believed to be a personal right and fought for strenuously by individual humans… and individuals of dogs, cows, mammals and lizards.

World_population - In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. The world population was estimated to have reached 7.6 billion as of October 2017. [1]

The United Nations WRONGLY UNDER Estimates it will further increase to” 11.2 billion by the year 2100.[2] but It’s more than twice that on “medium” - that is to say, present rate, neither reduced or increased

a graph (below) - from


as are the figures….though MOSTLY, Wikipaedia is a lot more truthful,,, this is a deceptive portrayal – HOW? WHY?

WRONG and DECEPTIVE By Bdm25 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Wikipaedia is MOSTLY truthful…. Yet the shoddy graph above IS HIGHLY DECEPTIVE and INACCURATE. – HOW? And WHY?


1) It shows global population in 1960 as 3.5Bn , and (50 years later) in 2010 it was 7Bn … Population DOUBLED in 50 years, (that is an extra 3.5Bn were ADDED to the then 3.5Bn)

2) whereas ADDING 3.5Bn to 7.6Bn in 50 years is the UN (badly) calculated ‘projections” for “only” 11.1Bn in 2060 which would only happen if the birth rate were immediately halved, which is needed, is not happening, and would still be not enough. Our (2018?) 8Bn present population has millions of people starving. Perhaps 15%…. doubling the population means 60% will be starving, even if we maintain the same food output, from lesser areas of less fertile lands and oceans. Parents that can’t add up should not be allowed to multiply. It is a crime against humanity.

Growth of population is not an ADD, it’s a MULTIPLY

so a “medium” or “Normal” or “continued” growth is twice that 7Bn to 14Bn by 2060, 28Bn by 2110 … not “merely” 11.2Bn (in 2100) as UN calculated (deliberately wrong?) this is not best or worst case. merely continuation of the same rate – a lot more likely, a lot more accurate. Parents prefer lies.


It was apparently written, DECEPTIVELY drawn and calculated by or for a PARENT, a POLITICIAN, a RELIGIOT or Industrialist seeking to deceive Parents for personal, political, religious praise or Financial gain …?

IT CLEARLY DOES NOT show the “worrisome” picture accurately

There are 3 types of people One will meet -

Those that can add up


Those that can’t

PARENTS are (almost) entirely to blame - This is not fair on me, not fair on the other inhabitants of this planet, Human, animal, plant and environmental and NOT FAIR TO your own or other KIDS – who are too numerous too consumptive and too damaging – BECAUSE OF THEIR EXCESSIVE numbers

I’m not talking “Ancient” Parents – I’m talking ONLY MODERN Parents – since 2005, - for beyond the 2005 birth of “The last of Y Generation” (Born 1985 to 2005) the problem was well and truly known and obvious, but parents beyond 2005 – in most cases - deliberately chose to selfishly “dump their excessive load” of (globally) unwanted children onto “My” Planet – not only without paying for it, but also expecting (and often getting) praise and very expensive medical and educational subsidies too.

Perhaps Gaining unpopularity with the majority – Particularly of my age, close to 70, I am labouring the point – and I again STRESS that I refer to those adding to the world’s burden TODAY and the parenting of kids since 2005 - Ignorance of reality could be excused before then..

PARENTS DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT Our #1 problem is almost entirely the fault of Greedy, uninformed, stupid or arrogant, thoughtless MODERN parents overpopulating the planet, and/or encouraging others to do so. PERHAPS The death penalty should be imposed on such parents, rather than be imposed on the “Gaia unwanted” human children they dump on us. Don’t give me parental crap about “Love” for such a stupid, mean and selfish act.

If we cannot control ourselves individually or collectively the result of such “pressure buildup” is “explosive depressurisation” …. this is engineering fact for all “(Engineering) runaway situations” and is also so for runaway population explosions – it is absolutely essential 100% - a term I’d prefer to avoid – that we change. Change out thinking, change our actions, change our laws. A “democratic vote” would not work – most people are, or become parents with a large self interest, and with “additional voting influence” through “our kids” trained to speak language and think attitudes like our mothers

We Must Change. We will either change, or BE CHANGED by harsh realities. We can vote to adopt belief in an infinitely large flat Earth theory, but it does not change or deal with reality, no matter how “democratically” we vote for and want that to be so, it is not.

Just as it is important to know what we are doing, and obtain a LICENSE before we endanger people by driving a car, boat or aircraft we also need to have a BIRTH PERMIT to ensure others are not endangered by a stupid, ignorant or uncaring move. The private ownership of slaves or children should be banned, we want better quality and lesser quantity of humans. We are not dogs to be owned.

Our #2 problem - Pollution of Low Earth Orbits

is more urgent, but less obvious, and less important (in the long run) than #1 … it isn’t easy either, and may not be solvable for thousands of years, further limiting some future solutions to problem #1 – it’s an easy” to ignore problem “Probably mostly fixable until about 2025 – but it could be no longer fixable. Possibly, next week. DO NOT IGNORE. In 2017 we may already be too late to avoid a destructive domino effect from changing LEO into an effective minefield of hyper-speed projectiles

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